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Aquasana Drinking System

No, it is not RO water. It is a pure & safe filter system that is able to remove unwanted contaminants while keeping the good minerals in the water with 4 NSF Standard certification.

There are impurities in our tap water such as sediment, mud, dirt, cysts, chlorine, heavy metals, pesticides or herbicides, Aquasana can remove these impurities & chemicals from tap water and have a better quality water.

We have 3 Types:
1. AQ-4000W-DVPI Counter top, 3 filters, RM599 (2-3 pax)
2. AQ-5300 Counter Top/Under Sink, 3 filters, RM899 (2-4 pax)
3. AQ-5300+ Counter Top/Under Sink, 3 filters, RM999 (2-6 pax)

All Aquasana water system quality are certified by 4 NSF standard which are 42, 53, 401 & 473.

AQ-4000W is designed only for counter top while AQ-5300/5300+ is designed for counter top/under counter.
And the water flow rate of AQ-5300+ is 44% faster than AQ-5300/4000, even the filter capacity is larger.
AQ-5300/5300+ comes with water tap and water filter change indicator while AQ-4000 doesn’t have.

Yes, NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) Standard is an official 3rd party organization, all water filters must be certified by NSF Standard in order to prove the quality & the standard.

The replacement filter life span normally is 1 year maximum, it also depends on the family size, usage & incoming water quality, heavy usage might to be replace earlier.
AQ-4000W: pre filter from RM4/pc (recommend to change once a month), Filter A&B from RM220/set (max life: 1 year)
AQ-5300: Filter set (pre, A&B) from RM247.50/set (max life: 1 year)
AQ-5300+: Filter set (pre, A&B) from RM285.00/set (max life: 1 year)

The Aquasana filter elements is made of natural coconut shell carbon. There is no halal certification but the product has no content of animal bones.

Yes, please WhatsApp to 018-966 8228 for services.
Counter top installation: RM80+/- & Under Counter: RM150+/-, you can pay directly to the installer.

It’s safe to drink directly from the filtered city tap water, if you want to boil it, it’s fine too.

If you’re using city tap water, 99.9% of the bacteria have been killed by the chlorine in the tap water, so don’t worry. Instead, what we should focus on is the ability to remove sediment, dirt, chlorine, harmful chemicals and heavy metals from water, especially harmful chemicals and heavy metals are very harmful to the body in the long run, so having a high-quality and effective water filter is a must and very important.

Yes, mercury can be removed up to 96.5% whereas lead is up to 99.3% by NSF 53 standard certified.

Yes, it is. Aquasana Claryum Technology can remove all the chemicals and heavy metal but preserving the healthy alkaline minerals, that’s why you can taste sweet & feel slippery.

We will ship it out within 24 hours. Normally delivery takes only 2-3 days to arrive at your door step.

It’s actually easy to install, and we can arrange for technical assistance when it is needed (at a cost of service charge around RM80-180) and you can ask for full refund if you are not able to install it.

It’s not required to wash at all, just replace the filter when due date.

You may call/text us if you encounter any leak or rupture problem on the machine within 2 years, we will send you the parts for free.

No. It need a small battery (included) for the alarm operation only.

It will blink and beep when due date, normally 1 year is the max period to change the filter replacement.

Yes, you need to rinse it for 10 mins for the first time after installation.

Yes, replacement can be purchase through Whatsapp, Lazada, Shopee, Company website or at our Retail shop.

Yes, there’s no expiry date as long as it is kept dry.

Waterborn Outdoor Filter

3 Types, there are:
1. W-10: Fiberglass housing 10 years warranty + Zeoplus Filter Media, RM899
2. W-300Z: #304 Stainless Steel housing 10 years warranty + Zeoplus Filter Media, RM1599
3. PS-10: #304 Stainless steel housing 10 years warranty + Sitron Filter Bag, RM2899

W-300Z, using #304 stainless steel which is more durable, reliable and long lasting even after being installed under the sunlight, it can last up to 20-40 years compare to W-10, using Fiberglass which only last for 10 years+/-, however, both models are using Zeoplus from Australia, therefore both also have the same cleanliness in water.

Yes, it is. Zeoplus comes with 3 filtration functions, such as Sieving, Depth Filtration and Absorption whereas the 5 layered sand only have the function of Depth Filtration. In addition, Zeoplus is a product of Australia volcanic rock, therefore it lasted longer than those of normal river sand which is for 2-3 years only.

The 5 layered sand media (other brands) is pre-filled the sand before sending to the customers, so you do not see the content in it, while our installer will fill in the Zeoplus media right in front of you.

Fabric Filter bag (PS-10, 8, 6) is 10 times cleaner compared to Zeoplus (W-300Z or W-10), and it’s hassle free, meaning it does not require regular backwash, only to clean the filter bag 1-2 times a year, and the Sitron Filter bag can be use again after washing.

Not really, we recommend you to backwash 1-2 times a month (W-300Z or W-10)
PS-10 does not required to do backwash, it’s hassle free.

1. Zeoplus needs to be changed around 5 years+, with the cost of RM400+
2. Fabric Filter bag needs to be  changed around 5 years+, with the cost of RM600+

No, it will not, the effect of water pressure after filtering is around 5-10% in difference only.

Yes, we provide free shipping within Malaysia, however for East Malaysia & Brunei, it may delay on arrival.

Yes, free installation is included within Klang Valley areas, Penang, Seremban area & Miri, Sarawak.

Yes, it is advised to use Waterborn Fabric Filter bag model: PS-10, PS-8, or PS-6

Yes, please Whatsapp to 018-966 8228 for further assistance.

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