Filtration for Home

Clean healthy water throughout your home

Whether you’re washing vegetables or enjoying a post-workout shower, protect your whole home from contaminants.

Enjoy healthy, great-tasting, and odor-free water from every tap.

Filtered water won’t turn you into an instant chef, but it might leave friends wondering about your best-kept secret.

Bathe yourself in filtered water for noticeably healthier, more moisturized skin and hair.

Chlorine can make clothes look older faster. Save your closet (and wallet) with filtered water.

Protect your plumbing from scale buildup. Filtration extends the life of your washing machine, water heater, dishwasher and more.


Focus on larger particles and sediment removal, usually versatile longer lifespan. 

Designed for finer filtration, addressing a broader range of impurities, including smaller particles and potentially harmful substances like lead or chemicals.


Filtration for Business

Targeted clean water for customers

Whether you’re running a cafe, reflexology spa, swimming pool or aquarium, explore targeted water filtration that is effective for your business premise.

  • Businesses in the beverage industry, particularly those producing sensitive beverages like specialty teas or artisanal waters.
  • Aquaculture facilities requiring chlorine-free water for fish breeding.
  • Pharmaceutical companies needing purified water for drug manufacturing.
  • Restaurants and food service establishments needing water for cooking or beverages without a salty taste.
  • Agricultural operations using water for irrigation in salt-sensitive crops.
  • Laboratories and scientific research facilities requiring ultra-pure water for experiments.
  • Manufacturing plants where the presence of minerals can affect the quality of products, such as electronics or pharmaceuticals.
  • Office spaces providing hot water for tea, coffee, and other beverages.
  • Gyms and wellness centers offering hot water for showers or steam rooms.
  • Hotels and hospitality businesses catering to guests’ needs for warm water.

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Our Story

We’ve been in the water filtration industry for over 20 years since our establishment in 2001. Starting from a small storefront, we initially served our local community.

The tap water in Malaysia often arrives quite dirty, causing issues with laundry, dishwashing, and bathing. Determined to address the problem of dirty water, we committed ourselves to finding solutions. Some customers even dubbed us the “king of water filters.”

As the internet gained popularity, we expanded our reach by listing our products on Lazada and Shopee. The response was overwhelming, with many satisfied customers praising our products.

Now, we have customers across Malaysia, thanks to the quality assurance of our products. Our international NSF certification and high-performance testimonials have earned us a favorable reputation among users.

We remain dedicated to enhancing our expertise, ensuring that our customers receive filtration products that are truly worthwhile.

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Installation very fast. Installer person also very helpful. Am very happy with the purchase and after sale service.
Liang Heng Ng
Liang Heng Ng
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Good price and fast delivery. Even better when aquasana introduced an installer in my area and the installer came the next day. Good craftsmanship from the installer to maintain my current faucet as this is a rented place without drilling any holes. Would definitely recommend.
Shahrul A.
Shahrul A.
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Friendly and excellent services from the seller and installer. Very helpful as well with clear instructions.
Senn Lim
Senn Lim
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Well packed. They contacted me b4 delivery & send me installation instructions! Thanks for the free gift! When I met with some issues during installation, seller provided his advice and solved my problem. Highly recommended seller, and water filter as this is a top brand from USA, reasonably priced!

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Complimentary Water Filter Shipping for our Klang Valley customers. Terms & Condition apply.

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Our providers will help to setup your water filter without any extra charges. Terms & Condition apply.

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Friendly customer service that will answer your A-Z needs.

Water Filter Maintenance

In the world of water filters, after-sales service is a crucial part of our commitment. Beyond our physical store and landline in Puchong, we've made it easy for you to reach us through WhatsApp hotline, Lazada chat, and Shopee chat. We've teamed up with reliable partners in major cities across Malaysia to ensure prompt technical support. Rest assured, our service is not just accessible but also reliable. Each product comes with replaceable parts, and we offer tailored services for different products. Just contact our customer service, and we'll comprehensively address all your post-purchase concerns. Your satisfaction and peace of mind are our top priorities.

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